“Developing Accurate, Affordable and Rapid Tests for Rancidity in Walnuts”

Funded by California Walnut Board

Researcher: Dr. Filipa Simoes Grilo


“Differentiation of olive cultivars using DNA and NMR-based fingerprinting methods”

Funded by California Olive Committee

Collaborator: Dr. Emmanuel Hatzakis, The Ohio State University

Researcher: Lauren Crawford


“A rapid triacylglycerol method for detecting oil adulteration using UHPLC-CAD and PCA”

Researcher: Hilary Green


“Determining Pistachio Hull Susceptibility to Navel Orangeworm as a Function of Degree-day Accumulation” 

Funded by California Pistachio Research Board 

Collaborators: Dr. Barbara Blanco-Ulate (PI), UC DavisDr. Louise Ferguson, UC DavisDr. Houston Wilson, UC Riverside

Researcher: Dr. Filipa Simoes Grilo


“Developing Advanced Chemical and Computation Methods for Assessing Organoleptic Properties of Olive Oil as a Tool for Improving its Quality”

Funded by Binational Agricultural Research and Development (BARD)

Collaborators: Dr. Arnon Dag, Agricultural Research Organization (ARO) Volcani Center, IsraelDr. Ofir Benjamin, Tel-Hai College

Researchers: Juan Polari, Xueqi Shirley Li

fresh green olives.jpg

“Improving Extraction Efficiency and Increasing Important Minor Compounds in Extra Virgin Olive Oil”

“Chemistry of Olive Oil: Ripening Study of Super-High Density Cultivars in California”

Funded by the Fullbright Scholar Program, Firmin Berta Graduate Student Fellowship, California Olive Ranch Distinguished Fellowship

Researcher: Juan Polari