SELINA WANG  •  Assistant Adjunct Professor, Department of Food Science and Technology and   Research Director, Olive Center of UC Davis

Selina Wang is the research director of the UC Davis Olive Center and an adjunct faculty at the Department of Food Science and Technology.  Selina led the center’s chemistry study on the quality and purity of supermarket olive oil from 2009 to 2011 which received worldwide attention, was covered by over 1000 media outlets, and lead to the new olive oil standards for the State of California in 2014. She joined the Olive Center as research director in 2011, developing and managing collaborative projects with the university and industry - helping to find practical solutions to push the forefront of olive research and education. Current research interests include purity and quality, chemistry and sensory correlation, byproducts management, processing advancement, analytical method development for olives and olive oil.